Easton Thunderstick T10/T11

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Size: T10 33-inch - Adult
T10 33-inch - Adult
T11 30-inch - Youth
  • 1-inch diameter barrel for enhanced hand-eye coordination
  • T10: 33-inch length and 37-ounce weight
  • T11: 30-inch length and 26-ounce weight designed specifically for youth players
  • Effective for both baseball and softball training
  • Improves contact with the sweet spot during batting practice
  • Strengthens hitters by using a heavier bat during training

The Easton Thunderstick Training Bat is a must-have for any baseball or softball player looking to improve their hitting skills. With its 1-inch diameter barrel, this bat is designed to enhance hand-eye coordination, making it easier to hit the sweet spot consistently. The 30-inch length and 26-ounce weight are perfect for youth players, allowing them to handle the bat with ease and build strength while training. This versatile training tool is ideal for use in both baseball and softball, and can be used with actual baseballs, softballs, or even wiffle golf balls for maximum focus and improvement. Trust the Easton Thunderstick Training Bat to take your player's hitting to the next level!

  • Gain an edge over the competition with improved hand-eye coordination, leading to better contact with the ball and more hits
  • Strengthen players by using the heavier weight during training, resulting in increased power at the plate
  • Experience the difference of using a high-quality, tried-and-true training tool from Easton, a trusted brand in baseball and softball equipment