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1000 Yard Range Megaphone w/ Handheld Microphone

1000 Yard Range Megaphone w/ Handheld Microphone

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Maximize your team's potential with the Fanon 1000 Yard Megaphone, featuring built-in siren and a coil microphone for unbeatable clarity. Perfect for coaches who demand control and precision, ensuring every command is heard, even in the heat of the most intense competitions.

  • Exceptional Range: 1000 yards of clear, powerful voice projection, ensuring your instructions reach every player.
  • Integrated Siren: Built-in siren to grab attention instantly, ideal for signaling changes or starting drills.
  • Convenient Design: Coil microphone attaches to the rear for ease of use; can also be shoulder-mounted for hands-free operation.
  • Solid State Amplifier: Ensures robust sound quality with a 20W power output, making your voice dominant and authoritative.
  • Signal Alarm: Features a signal alarm for warning alerts, enhancing safety and communication on the field.
  • Battery Operated: Operates on 8 "C" batteries, providing long-lasting performance for extended coaching sessions (batteries not included).
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    The Fanon 1000 Yard Megaphone is the ultimate communication tool for sports coaches who will settle for nothing less than victory. With a sophisticated grey and blue design, this megaphone combines functionality with style. Whether you're directing players during a crucial match or conducting practice in noisy environments, this megaphone ensures your voice is not just heard but followed.


    • Batteries: 8 C cells (not included)
    • Bell Diameter: 235 mm
    • Color: Grey and Blue
    • Features: Built-in siren, coil microphone attached
    • Length: 410 mm
    • Power: 20W peak output
    • Range: Up to 1000 yards
    • Weight: 3 Kg

    With its solid state amplifier and signal alarm, the Fanon Megaphone is a testament to innovation in coaching tools, designed to amplify your leadership and elevate your team's performance to new heights.

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