Cocoa Infield Finishing Mop

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  • Perfect finishing tool for infields with topdressing
  • Excellent for mounds and tight maneuvering areas
  • High-quality cocoa mat for superior leveling
  • Heavy-duty aluminum reinforced handle for added durability
  • Generous 24" x 18" size for efficient coverage

Introducing the ultimate finishing tool for competitive baseball coaches - designed to keep your field in top-notch condition and ready for action! This incredible grooming tool is perfect for infields with topdressing and works wonders on mounds and tight maneuvering areas. Featuring a high-quality cocoa mat and a heavy-duty aluminum reinforced handle, you can trust that this tool is built to last. With its 24" x 18" size, it's specially designed for those small areas that are nearly impossible to finish grooming. Tackle pitching mounds, batters boxes, base paths, on-deck circles, and any other cutouts with ease. The 66" handle and other components are made from heavy-duty reinforced aluminum, ensuring long-lasting durability. Get ready to dominate the field with this game-changing tool!

Don't settle for less – give your team the competitive edge they deserve with our exceptional infield grooming tool!

  • Boost your team's performance with a perfectly groomed infield, reducing bad bounces and enhancing play
  • Gain an edge over your opponents by maintaining the most pristine field conditions
  • Save time and effort with our efficient and easy-to-use tool, allowing you to focus on coaching strategies and player development