Baden 3B - NFHS Baseballs

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Pack: Dozen
  • High-grade Baden® Perfection 3B-PPRO NFHS® Baseball designed for elite players and serious competitors
  • Crafted with a cushioned cork core for dynamic energy on every hit
  • Premium leather cover and pro-grade wool windings for unparalleled durability and performance
  • Raised, double-stitched seams with special waxed cotton thread for superior grip and control
  • NFHS® competition grade certification, perfect for collegiate and high school programs

Step up your game with the Baden® Perfection 3B-PPRO NFHS® Baseball. This top-tier baseball is meticulously crafted for serious competitors and is certified for collegiate and high-level high school programs. The cushioned cork core is designed to energize the ball upon impact, delivering an incredible performance. The cover is made of premium leather for long-lasting use, while the pro-grade wool windings ensure a durable, high compression core. The raised, double-stitched seams are made with special waxed cotton thread, offering an exceptional grip. Each purchase includes an individual ball. Recommended for Adult use in College, High School, and American Legion games.

  • Experience a higher level of control and precision, thanks to the raised seams and waxed cotton thread
  • Improve hitting power and distance with the energized cushioned cork core
  • Gain confidence and reliability in every game with the durable construction and premium materials