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Playground Tough Rubber Football - Voit

Playground Tough Rubber Football - Voit


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  • Kick off the season with a game-changer: the Voit® Rubber Football. Designed for the relentless pursuit of victory, this football is your ally in showcasing your team's skill and spirit. Its durability and performance in any weather condition make it an indispensable tool for teams aiming to conquer the field.

    • Durability: Rubber construction tough enough for the most intense backyard, playground, and intramural games.
    • All-Weather Performance: Water-resistant for excellence in rain, wind, or shine, ensuring the game goes on.
    • Authentic Feel: Raised, molded laces and simulated seams for accurate passing and the real football experience.
    • Superior Grip: Pebble-grained exterior for a firm hold, enabling sharp cuts and secure catches.
    • Versatile Play: Ideal for two-hand touch, tackle, or flag football, accommodating every play style.
    • Size Variety: Available in multiple sizes to suit players of all ages and skill levels.
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      Elevate your football coaching with the Voit® Rubber Football, a masterpiece of sports engineering designed for the future pro-bowlers. Its rubber construction promises unmatched durability, ready to withstand the rigors of intense play in any setting. Whether facing the unpredictability of weather or the roughness of play, this football remains steadfast, thanks to its water-resistant design. Experience the game as it's meant to be with raised, molded laces for that authentic feel, ensuring your passes fly true and your catches are flawless. The pebble-grained exterior not only adds to its professional look but ensures a grip that defies the efforts of defenders. Available in brown, white, and black, and in sizes tailored to different skill levels, it's the perfect choice for coaches who demand the best for their teams.


      • Brand: Voit®
      • Colors: Brown, White, Black
      • Material: Rubber
      • Features: Pebble-grained exterior, raised molded laces, all-weather compatibility

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      About Voit

      Voit began in Los Angeles in 1922 as a tire retreading products factory. In the late 1920s Voit developed and patented the first full-molded, all-rubber inflatable ball and the first needle-type air retention valves. After establishing dominance across the globe, Voit has returned to the USA!