Select Futsal Jinga Soccer Ball

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Size: Senior
Color Combination: Yellow/Blue
  • Constructed with a durable PU surface with pattern for increased speed and longevity.
  • Butyl bladder with polyester fibers inside for perfect bounce and easy control.
  • Optimally rounded and easy to control.
  • New, colorful design for improved visibility and faster player reactions.
  • Hand-sewn and meets International Match Standard (Senior).

Rise above the competition, Coaches, with the Select® Futsal Jinga IMS Soccer Ball. Engineered for high performance and lasting endurance, this ball features a durable PU surface with a pattern designed to increase speed. The butyl bladder, reinforced with polyester fibers, ensures a perfect bounce and effortless control, contributing to your team's impeccable play. Optimal roundness guarantees easy handling, while the vibrant design improves visibility and stimulates faster player reactions. Hand-sewn and compliant with the International Match Standard (Senior), this soccer ball is set to accompany your winning journey for seasons to come.

  • The enhanced visibility and design foster faster player reactions, crucial in winning high-stakes matches.
  • Durable PU surface and perfect bounce offer superior control, helping your team dictate the pace of the game.
  • Adherence to International Match Standard (Senior) ensures performance at the highest level, setting your team up for consistent victories.