MacGregor X6000 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

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Size: Official Size (29.5")
Official Size (29.5")
Intermediate Size (28.5")
Junior Size (27.5")
  • Durable Composite Construction – Designed to withstand intense training sessions and competitive matches
  • Indoor/Outdoor Versatility – Continue training, come rain or shine, with a ball designed for any weather condition
  • Leather-like Feel at an Affordable Cost – High quality without breaking your school or rec center's budget
  • Superior Grip Control – Wide channels for a sure grip, enabling precision in every move
  • Brand Credibility – Provided by trusted basketball equipment manufacturer, MacGregor®

Get ready to take your team's game to the next level with the MacGregor® X6000 Basketball. This ball delivers a leather-like feel, courtesy of its durable composite construction, designed to stand up to rigorous training and competitive play. With the capability for both indoor and outdoor use, your practice schedule will remain uninterrupted, no matter the weather. The wide-channel design ensures a firm grip, fostering control and accuracy with every shot, pass, and dribble. Reliable and affordable, this ball brings MacGregor's® trusted quality to your school, rec center, or organization.

  • Enhanced Skill Development – Superior grip and control to enable your players to refine their skills and increase their on-court effectiveness
  • Uninterrupted Practice – Weather-resistant design ensures practice sessions can continue no matter the weather conditions
  • Cost-Effective Quality – Offers a leather-like feel that doesn't compromise on quality while being budget-friendly