MacGregor X100 Basketball

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Size: Official Size (29.5")
Official Size (29.5")
Intermediate Size (28.5")
  • Microfiber composite construction provides durability for intense season-long play
  • Soft surface design ensures instant usability with no break-in period needed
  • Wide channel design promotes confident shooting and precise passing
  • NFHS-approved for high school games and practices
  • Available in both official and intermediate sizes to suit all players
  • Indoor Use Only

Unleash the full potential of your basketball team with the MacGregor® X100 Indoor Basketball. Engineered with a microfiber composite construction, this basketball stands up to the rigors of high-intensity training and matches, ensuring lasting performance. The soft surface design eliminates the need for a break-in period, enabling immediate, high-level play. Featuring a wide-channel design, it provides superior ball control for precise passes and confident shooting. As a NFHS-approved basketball, it's ideal for high school games and practices. Choose from official and intermediate sizes to find the perfect fit for your athletes. Indoor use only.

  • Optimized ball control allows your players to dictate the pace of the game, leading to more victories
  • Immediate usability with no break-in period ensures your team wastes no time in getting up to full speed
  • Durability of the MacGregor® X100 guarantees consistent performance, keeping your team at its peak