MacGregor® Little League Softball

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Size: 11"
Pack: Dozen

Unleash the potential of your team with MacGregor® Little League Softballs. These softballs are designed for performance, durability, and visual tracking. Whether you're working on fielding drills, practicing for the big game, or competing for the title, these softballs can handle it all. Their vivid yellow synthetic leather cover enhances tracking, helping your hitters and fielders improve their game. The raised red stitching adds a traditional look while also providing a fantastic grip for pitchers and fielders. With a .47 COR/375 lb. maximum compression rating, these balls are Little League® approved and ready to take your team to the next level.

  • Enhanced fielding and batting skills due to high visibility yellow cover and red stitching.
  • Improved pitching accuracy and control, thanks to the raised red stitching.
  • Consistent performance and durability from the poly graphite center, supporting your team's winning streak.