Foldable Batter's Box Template

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Size: Baseball - 4' x 6'
Baseball - 4' x 6'
Softball - 3' x 7'
Little League - 3' x 6'
  • Lightweight aluminum construction for effortless transportation
  • 2-inch wide frame creates a visible impression for easy chalking
  • Alignable handle ensures consistent results with every use
  • Foldable design for convenient storage and transport
  • Available in various sizes for different leagues and sports

Get ready to revolutionize your batter's box preparation with the Foldable Batter's Box Template! This incredible tool will help you create a consistently perfect batter's box imprint, ensuring optimal alignment and distance from home plate. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, this template is designed for easy transport and is suitable for dirt fields. Its 2-inch wide frame leaves a clear impression when stepped on, making chalking a breeze. The template's handle can be aligned with the straight side edge of home plate for consistent results, and it folds in half for effortless storage and transport. Available in a variety of sizes, this template is perfect for Little League®, softball, and baseball enthusiasts alike. Upgrade your field maintenance game and make your mark with the Foldable Batter's Box Template!

  • Improve batter's performance with a consistently aligned and positioned box, reducing fouls and strikeouts
  • Save time and effort in field preparation, allowing coaches to focus on coaching and strategizing
  • Enhance your team's reputation with a professionally maintained field that demonstrates attention to detail