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Collegiate L-Screen

Collegiate L-Screen

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  • Optimal L-Screen for baseball and softball practice, ensuring safety during live batting action
  • 3' x 3' cutout on a 7' x 7' frame for increased pitcher protection
  • Perfect for pitching and batting drill protection
  • Commercial grade product made of #42 twisted, knotted nylon with a rope border
  • Hand-sewn at every mesh with padding to extend the life of the frame
Product Description

Step up your game with the Standard Series L-Screen, the ultimate safety solution for baseball and softball practice. Made with commercial grade #42 twisted, knotted nylon and a rope border, this high-quality L-Screen is designed to withstand the toughest batting action. Its 3' x 3' cutout on a 7' x 7' frame offers more protection for your pitcher than traditional models, and is perfect for pitching and batting drill protection. Hand-sewn at every mesh with padding, the L-Screen's frame is built to last, ensuring your coaches and athletes stay safe during practice and pregame warm-ups. Don't let dangerous line drives hold you back – invest in the Standard Series L-Screen and protect your team today!

Competitive Advantage
  • Improved safety allows coaches to focus on refining skills and strategies, giving your team a winning edge
  • Increased pitcher protection boosts confidence during practice games, resulting in better in-game performance
  • Durable, commercial-grade construction ensures the L-Screen withstands intense practice sessions, reducing downtime and keeping your team on track for success
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