BSN SPORTS Pro Style Down Box

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Height: 8'
  • Featuring a patented digital number system, operated by a simple lever, for quick and accurate communication of downs on the field.
  • Numbers change simultaneously on both sides and lock in place, ensuring clear visibility and accuracy for both teams and spectators.
  • Constructed with high impact plastic parts, ultrasonically welded for maximum durability and longevity.
  • Boasts highly visible 12.5" numerals, enabling easy reading from across the field.
  • Equipped with closed-cell lightweight foam padding on both down indicator and pole, offering optimum safety for field staff.

The Pro-Down™ Down Box is a game-changing addition to any football field. This down box features a patented digital number system that is easily operated by a simple lever. For optimum accuracy, the numbers change and lock simultaneously on both sides. Constructed from self-contained high impact plastic parts that are ultrasonically welded, this down box promises lasting durability. With highly visible 12.5" numerals, players, coaches, and spectators can easily keep track of the game progress. Not forgetting safety, it comes with closed-cell lightweight foam padding on both the down indicator and the pole. With a height of 8' when assembled, it is highly visible on the field. It also comes with a 1-year warranty for your peace of mind. Upgrade your football field with the Pro-Down™ Down Box!

  • Optimum safety and effective communication - The Pro-Down™ Down Box ensures player safety with foam padding while providing clear, easily readable numerals for efficient game communication.
  • Accuracy - The simultaneous number change on both sides prevents any chance of miscommunication or errors, keeping your team on top of the game.
  • Durability - Built with ultrasonically welded high impact plastic parts, this down box withstands the rigors of any football game, offering you value for your investment.