BSN Economy Electric Inflator

Athletic Connection SKU: AC-MSECOELEY


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  • Engineered from high-impact plastic, designed to endure multiple seasons of rigorous use.
  • Desktop-style inflator with a 120-volt, 0.9-amp motor, capable of delivering up to 100 psi of pressure, perfect for rapid inflation of all types of sports balls.
  • Equipped with a precision pressure gauge to ensure optimal inflation levels - no more over-inflated or under-inflated balls!
  • Features a stretchable coiled inflation tube that extends up to 30 inches, complete with a needle and various inflation valves, accommodating balls of all shapes and sizes.
  • BSN SPORTS™ branded, available in black and orange colors, a stylish addition to your sports gear collection.

Take control of your game with the BSN SPORTS™ Economy Electric Inflator! This powerful, desktop-style inflator is your ultimate ally for maintaining the perfect inflation levels of your sports balls. Made from high-impact plastic, this inflator is built to last, season after season. The robust 120-volt, 0.9-amp motor delivers up to 100 psi of pressure, making the inflation process quick and efficient. The built-in pressure gauge lets you monitor the inflation levels to avoid over or under inflation. Plus, the coiled inflation tube stretches up to 30 inches and includes a needle and different inflation valves, making this inflator adaptable for balls of various shapes and sizes. Available in black and orange colors, this BSN SPORTS™ inflator combines functionality with style. Don't just play the game, master it!

  • Efficiency: With the powerful 120-volt, 0.9-amp motor, you can rapidly inflate multiple balls, allowing more time for strategic planning and training.
  • Precision: With the accurate pressure gauge, ensure your balls are inflated to the perfect level every time. This precision can impact your team's performance, giving you an edge over your competitors.
  • Reliability: Made from high-impact plastic, this inflator is designed for long-lasting use, ensuring that you always have perfectly inflated balls ready for every game, practice, or drill.