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Baseball Field Lining Kit

Baseball Field Lining Kit

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Elevate your game with precision! The Baseball Field Lining Kit by Markers, Inc. is your ultimate ally in defining the battleground of champions with unmatched accuracy.

  • Precision Alignment: Ensures your field meets professional standards with ground sockets that permanently mark right and left foul lines.
  • Complete Kit: Comes equipped with 6 sockets with plugs, 4 lining pegs, a pilot hole tube, and a socket setter for comprehensive field setup.
  • Easy Installation: Ground sockets and tools designed for straightforward, hassle-free installation, making field setup a breeze.
  • Durability: Crafted to withstand the elements and the test of time, ensuring your field remains perfectly aligned season after season.
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    More about this Baseball Field Lining Kit

    For baseball coaches aiming to instill precision and professionalism in every game, the Baseball Field Lining Kit by Markers, Inc. is an indispensable tool. This comprehensive kit empowers you to permanently locate right and left foul lines and establish a plumb line of reference aligning the home plate with the pitcher's mound, 2nd base, and center field. Precision is paramount in baseball, and with this kit, your field's perimeters and midfield locations are marked with unparalleled accuracy.

    Included in this essential kit are 6 durable sockets with plugs, 4 lining pegs, a pilot hole tube, and a socket setter, all designed for easy installation and long-lasting reliability. Transform your baseball or softball field into a professional-grade arena where the spirit of competition thrives.


    • 6 durable sockets with plugs
    • 4 lining pegs for accurate marking
    • 1 pilot hole tube for easy installation
    • 1 socket setter for precision
    • Material: High-quality, weather-resistant components

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