Wilson A1074BSST Little League Baseballs

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Pack: Dozen
  • Equip your team with Wilson® A1074 Little League® Baseballs, designed with a durable Grade C full-grain leather cover.
  • Take advantage of the red cushioned cork core, keeping the ball energized during each impactful hit.
  • Experience an upgrade in your grip, feel, and ball control with the distinctive red raised seams.
  • Confidently use the premium grey wool blend windings, providing resilience game after game.
  • Approved for Little League® regular season play, making it the perfect fit for competitive little league baseball teams.

Maximize your team's performance with the Wilson® A1074 Little League® Baseball. This ball, designed with youth competition in mind, is engineered to support every powerful pitch and hit. With its raised red seams, it guarantees improved grip, enhancing control and boosting performance. Built with a sturdy Grade C full-grain leather cover, it promises durability game after game. Its unique red cushioned cork core keeps the ball energized during impact, while the premium grey wool blend windings ensure resilience. Certified for Little League® regular season, the Wilson® A1074 Little League® Baseball is your go-to choice for victory.

  • Enhance your team's hitting accuracy with the raised red seams providing better grip and control.
  • Improve your players' pitching performance with the red cushioned cork core maintaining energy during impact.
  • Ensure endurance and consistent performance throughout the season with the sturdy Grade C full-grain leather cover.