Wilson A1010 Pro NFHS Baseballs

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Pack: Dozen
  • NFHS-approved Wilson® A1010 Pro 9 in. baseballs, ensuring game-ready performance
  • Super Seam Technology for enhanced control, boosting your pitchers' accuracy
  • Red cushioned cork core with DuraCore™ technology for prolonged durability and performance
  • Grade-A, full-grain leather cover, capable of withstanding hard hits
  • Flat seams to minimize resistance and boost flying distance

Elevate your high school team's game with the Wilson® A1010 Pro 9 in. NFHS Baseballs. These baseballs come with Super Seam Technology that offers advanced control to your pitchers, enabling them to deliver strikes with precision. A grade-A, full-grain leather cover ensures these balls stand up to hard hits while maintaining a solid grip for optimal pitching and fielding. With the Red cushioned cork core featuring DuraCore™ technology, these baseballs retain their shape and deliver consistent performance game after game. Flat seams minimize resistance, ensuring that every hit flies through the air, covering more distance. Approved by the NOCSAE/NFHS for high school games, these baseballs ensure your team is always game-ready.

  • Super Seam Technology enhances your pitcher's control, enabling precise strikes that can end an inning.
  • Durable construction ensures consistent performance, giving your team a reliable advantage.
  • Flat seams boost the distance of hits, increasing the chances of home runs and big plays.