Wilson A1010 High School SST Baseballs

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Pack: Dozen
  • Super Seam Technology, with seams 20% higher than typical baseballs, for enhanced pitch control and fielding precision.
  • Red Cushioned Cork for optimal combination of durability and performance.
  • Grade B Full Grain Leather provides excellent grip and longevity.
  • Designed specifically for high school and college level play.
  • Premium quality from Wilson, a trusted name in baseball equipment.

Unleash the power of your athletes with the A1010 HS1 Pro Series SST Baseballs from Wilson. With Super Seam Technology, these baseballs have seams that are 20% higher than regular baseballs. This leads to superior control for pitchers and allows fielders to locate the ball quicker in their glove and throw with more accuracy. The Red Cushioned Cork and Grade B Full Grain Leather ensure durability and high performance. Embrace the game with Wilson, and bring your coaching skills to the next level.

  • Super Seam Technology gives pitchers an edge, enhancing control and precision.
  • Enhanced seam visibility speeds up fielders' glove-to-throw transition, reducing errors and increasing defensive efficiency.
  • Durable construction ensures consistent performance, allowing your team to train hard and win harder.