Tourna Mega Tac Extra Tacky Overgrip, 3-Pack

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Color: White
  • Extraordinarily tacky TOURNA MEGA TAC grip - the tackiest tennis grip ever created.
  • Long-lasting tackiness, lasting 10 times longer than most other tacky grips (10 to 14 hours of play).
  • Includes 3 XL grips per package with finishing tape, ensuring prolonged grip quality.
  • Durable construction, the grip does not fall apart, roll up or unravel over time.
  • MADE IN THE USA, TOURNA grips are versatile and high-performing, suitable for various sports equipment beyond tennis.

Maximize your performance with the TOURNA MEGA TAC Tennis Grip - the tackiest tennis grip ever created! This pack includes 3 XL grips with finishing tape that provide a lasting hold and superior control. Our grips boast a longevity that's unmatched, retaining their tackiness for 10 to 14 hours of play, outlasting other tacky grips by tenfold. With their durable construction, these grips won't fall apart, roll up or unravel, even under intense playing conditions. Meticulously crafted in the USA, these high-performance grips are ideal for tennis and suitable for a wide range of sports equipment. Elevate your game with TOURNA MEGA TAC Tennis Grip!

  • Superior tackiness enhances racquet control, optimizing shot precision and power.
  • Long-lasting grip helps maintain consistent performance, leading to increased victory chances.
  • High durability ensures no distractions due to grip deterioration, keeping coaches and athletes focused on the game.