TOURNA Grip XXL, Original Dry Feel Tennis Grips

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  • Pack of 30 XXL Tourna Grips made in the USA.
  • Designed to increase tackiness as you sweat for a non-slip performance.
  • Comes in a convenient vinyl pouch with finishing tape.
  • Trusted by top athletes and coaches for superior grip.
  • Suitable for a variety of sports gear including tennis rackets and baseball bats.

Coaches, amplify your game with the pack of 30 XXL Tourna Grips! These grips, proudly made in the USA, are trusted by top athletes and designed to perform under pressure. The unique feature of these grips is they get even tackier as you sweat, providing you with a non-slip performance to always keep you on top of your game. The package comes in a convenient vinyl pouch with finishing tape, and the grips are versatile, fitting tennis rackets, baseball bats, and more. Choose Tourna Grip, join the pros, and gain the upper hand in your matches!

  • Increased grip control during high-pressure moments enhances player performance and aids in winning matches.
  • Trusted by top athletes, these grips provide a professional advantage and instill confidence in player abilities.
  • The non-slip performance of these grips ensures safety and reliability, fostering consistent high-level performance.