Spalding Pro 100 NFHS Baseballs

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Pack: Dozen
  • Elite construction with premium full-grain leather cover, ensuring durability for extensive use
  • Enhanced control and precision with cushioned cork center
  • Improved grip and accuracy, thanks to Spalding's raised seams design
  • Experience 30% higher grip compared to traditional flat seam balls
  • NFHS approved, making it perfect for competitive games and rigorous practice sessions

Unleash the champion in you with our Spalding PRO Series NFHS Baseballs. Designed for the high-stakes demands of competitive play, these balls are engineered with a premium full-grain leather cover for unbeatable durability and a cushioned cork center for superior control. But that's not all - our unique Spalding raised seams provide an improved grip and pinpoint accuracy, giving you a 30% higher grip than a traditional flat seam ball. NFHS approved and ready to bring your game to the next level!

  • Boost your team's performance and dominate the game with improved grip and accuracy
  • Gain a strategic edge with our superior construction that promises control and durability
  • Excel in every match with our NFHS approved baseballs, specifically designed for competitive play