Spalding Little League RST Baseballs

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Pack: Dozen
  • Premium full-grain leather cover for superior durability and feel
  • Cushioned cork center and gray wool winding provide an exceptional balance and pitching control
  • Spalding raised seams improve grip for flawless throwing and catching
  • Seam is 30% higher than traditional flat seam balls, providing unparalleled control
  • Official RST Baseball of the Little League World Series, ready for both Regular Season and Tournament Play

Experience the best of Little League Baseball with the Spalding Little League World Series Official RST Baseball. This premium full-grain leather baseball boasts a cushioned cork center and gray wool winding, promising an optimal balance and control that will elevate your team's performance. The unique Spalding raised seams are 30% higher than traditional flat seam balls, offering better grip and accuracy for throwers and catchers. Ready for regular season and tournament play, this ball is the top choice for competitive Little League coaches.

  • Superior grip and control from the raised seams allows for precision plays, giving your team the upper hand
  • Premium build quality ensures consistent performance, aiding your team in maintaining a winning streak
  • Using the same ball as in the Little League World Series offers your team a psychological edge, replicating tournament conditions