Spalding EXCEL TF-500 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

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Size: Official Size (29.5")
Official Size (29.5")
Intermediate Size (28.5")
Junior Size (27.5")
  • All-Surface Performance: Excel in all locations - driveway, park, or gym with our all-surface composite cover.
  • Superior Grip: Our soft sponge backing and tacky feel ensures maximum grip and optimal ball handling.
  • Shooter’s Touch: Designed with Spalding Shooter’s Seam for instant ball recognition, control, and precise accuracy.
  • Versatile Sizes: Available in official size 7 (29.5"), intermediate size 6 (28.5"), and youth size 5 (27.5") for all age groups.
  • Game-Ready: Shipped inflated for an instant game-ready feel. Ideal inflation recommendation is 8 PSI.


Elevate your game with the Spalding EXCEL TF-500 Basketball. As the best all-surface ball in the game, the EXCEL TF-500 is designed to bring out the best in you, no matter where you’re playing. Its unique composite cover offers an exceptional grip that mimics Spalding’s top indoor balls while maintaining the durability of an outdoor one. With a unique shooter's seam design, you'll enjoy exceptional control and precise accuracy. Shipped inflated and available in multiple sizes, this basketball is ready to play, straight out of the box. Get the competitive edge you've been looking for with the EXCEL TF-500.

  • Unbeatable Grip: The enhanced grip of the EXCEL TF-500 can significantly improve shooting, dribbling, and passing, helping your team gain the upper hand.
  • Versatile Performance: No matter where your team is training or competing, this all-surface basketball ensures consistent top-level performance.
  • Precision Control: The unique Spalding Shooter's Seam design enables precise ball control and accuracy, helping to secure more wins for your team.