Spalding Pro 500 NFHS Approved Baseballs

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Pack: Dozen
  • NFHS & NOCSAE approved, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety
  • Premium full-grain leather cover for excellent durability and a professional feel
  • Raised seam design for an improved grip, allowing for accurate throws and pitches
  • Cushioned cork center and internal gray wool windings for maintaining shape under heavy use
  • Sold in dozens, perfect for stocking up for the whole season

Take your team to the next level with the TF-500 Official NFHS Baseball by Spalding. This top-of-the-line baseball is designed with a premium full-grain leather cover that offers exceptional durability and a professional feel. With its raised seam design, players can enjoy an improved grip, allowing for more accurate throws and pitches. The ball's cushioned cork center and internal gray wool windings help it maintain its shape under heavy use, making it the perfect choice for competitive leagues and intensive training sessions. Sold in dozens, the TF-500 is ideal for stocking up for the whole season. Step up your game with Spalding, the brand trusted by professionals.

  • Superior grip and control: The raised seam design allows for more precise pitches and throws, giving you an edge over the competition
  • Endurance: The premium full-grain leather cover, coupled with the internal gray wool windings and cushioned cork center, ensure the ball retains its shape and performance even under the most intensive play
  • Trust: As an NFHS & NOCSAE approved ball, the TF-500 meets the highest standards of safety and quality, letting you focus on the game and your winning strategy