Pro Lacrosse Net

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Thickness: 6mm - Professional White
6mm - Professional White
5mm - Championship Black
4mm - Practice White
  • Ultra-durable braided nylon construction
  • Knotless design for long-lasting performance
  • UV treated and weather-resistant to withstand extreme conditions
  • Includes lacing cord for easy installation
  • Designed for competitive lacrosse play

Introducing the Pro Lacrosse Net – the ultimate solution for lacrosse coaches seeking a reliable, long-lasting net that can handle the toughest shots from their players. Made from ultra-durable braided nylon, this knotless net is designed to provide years of use without unraveling. UV treatment and weather-resistant features ensure the net stays strong even in the harshest conditions. The included lacing cord makes installation a breeze. Upgrade your lacrosse goal with the Pro Lacrosse Net and experience the difference it makes on the field.

  • Improve players' accuracy: The Pro Lacrosse Net's top-quality design allows players to practice and fine-tune their shots with confidence.
  • Maximize goal durability: With the Pro Lacrosse Net, your goal will be prepared for even the most powerful shots, reducing the need for constant repairs.
  • Weather-resistant: Built to withstand extreme conditions, this net will keep your field ready for play no matter the weather.
  • Easy installation: The included lacing cord ensures a quick and secure setup, minimizing downtime and getting your team back in action.
  • Upgrade your equipment: Equip your team with the best, and show your competitors that you're serious about winning.