Mark 1™ Official League Flat-Seam Baseballs

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Pack: Dozen
  • 12 Pack of Mark 1™ Official League Flat Seam Baseballs, designed for competitive league play and intense team practices
  • Constructed with a resilient cork center to withstand powerful hits and stay in game-ready condition
  • Synthetic leather cover offers a traditional, authentic feel that players will love
  • Official size and weight for realistic training and competitive play
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty to ensure your purchase is protected

Step up your game with the Mark 1™ Official League Flat Seam Baseballs. These baseballs are perfect for both team practices and league play, offering the high-quality performance you'd expect from an official league ball. The synthetic leather cover gives a traditional feel, while the resilient cork center ensures they hold up to even the most powerful hits. Each ball is official size and weight, ensuring your training is as close to game conditions as possible. Plus, your purchase is protected by a 1-year warranty.

  • Utilizing these official league baseballs in practice prepares players for real game conditions, giving your team the edge over competitors.
  • The durable construction of these balls ensures consistent performance, allowing players to hone their skills without interruption or variation in equipment quality.
  • The traditional feel of these balls boosts player confidence and performance, providing an authentic experience that translates into on-field success.