MacGregor X6000SL Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

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Size: Official Size (29.5")
Official Size (29.5")
Intermediate Size (28.5")
  • Expertly crafted with a synthetic, composite construction ensuring long-lasting durability and a leather-like feel
  • Boasts a textured surface that guarantees enhanced ball handling, perfect for intense gameplay
  • Features wide channels for optimal control during dribbling, passing, and shooting
  • Perfectly designed for both indoor and outdoor basketball courts, making it incredibly versatile
  • Manufactured by reputable sporting brand MacGregor®, ensuring top-notch quality and performance

Unleash your team's full potential with the MacGregor® X6000 SL Indoor/Outdoor Basketball. This game-changer basketball offers unrivaled control and precision, whether you're playing on hardwood or asphalt. Its textured surface and wide channels ensure controlled grip, empowering your athletes to deliver their best performance on the court. Its synthetic, composite construction not only gives a premium leather-like feel but also promises superior durability to withstand rigorous training and games. The MacGregor® X6000 SL is not just a basketball - it's your secret weapon to victory!

  • Empower your players with enhanced ball handling and control, boosting their confidence and competitive edge on the court
  • Increase versatility and adaptability of your team by practicing and playing on both indoor and outdoor courts with the same high-quality ball
  • Ensure long-term consistency in training and matches due to the durability of the synthetic, composite construction, keeping your team at peak performance