MacGregor Safe/Soft Baseballs

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Level: Level 1 (Ages 5-7)
Level 1 (Ages 5-7)
Level 5 (Ages 8-12)
Level 10 (Ages 12+)
Pack: Dozen
  • MacGregor® Safe/Soft Baseballs have a patented Tri-Flex safety core that boosts confidence and helps prevent injuries.
  • Leather cover ensures durability, holding up to hitting and fielding drills throughout long seasons.
  • Raised red seams offer superior grip for small hands, perfect for throwing and pitching.
  • Various levels available, accommodating different age groups of Little League Baseball.
  • Meets NOCSAE standards, guaranteeing player safety in league games.

Take your Little League Baseball coaching to the next level with MacGregor® Safe/Soft Baseballs. Designed with a Tri-Flex safety core, these baseballs ensure your players build confidence without fearing injuries. Ideal for batting practice, the balls' leather cover withstands intense hitting and catching drills all season long. The raised red seams provide visibility and a solid grip, making throwing, catching, and pitching a breeze. With different levels available, these balls accommodate various age groups, meeting NOCSAE standards for safety during league games. Transform your team's performance today!

  • Improve player confidence and minimize injury risks, leading to a stronger, more resilient team.
  • Enhanced grip and visibility of the balls improve players' throwing and pitching, boosting game performance.
  • Durability of the balls allows for extended, intensive training, giving your team the edge over competition.