MacGregor #97 Major League Baseballs

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Stamp: NOCSE/NFHS Stamped
Pack: Dozen
  • Constructed to Major League specifications for professional performance.
  • Features a cushioned cork center for optimal flight and control.
  • A-1 cowhide cover ensures superior durability and longevity.
  • Grey/White/Grey yarn windings for a consistent feel and weight.
  • NFHS approved logo, sold in packs of a dozen for team practice and matches.

Step up your coaching game with the MacGregor® #97 Major League Baseballs. These baseballs are crafted to meet Major League specifications, ensuring that your team practices with the same quality of balls used by professionals. The cushioned cork center and A-1 cowhide cover deliver superior performance, durability, and control. The unique grey/white/grey yarn windings guarantee a consistent feel and weight, critical for developing precision in your athletes. These baseballs carry the NFHS approved logo and are sold by the dozen, making them perfect for team practice and matches.

  • Training with professional-grade baseballs improves player precision and understanding of the game, leading to more victories.
  • Consistent feel and weight across balls ensure fair practice sessions, enabling athletes to perfect their swing and pitch.
  • Durable A-1 cowhide cover withstands rigorous training, providing consistent performance over time and reducing the need for frequent replacements.