MacGregor #87SP Official League Baseballs

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Pack: Dozen
  • Designed for use in training and youth league practices and games, elevating players' skills.
  • Equipped with a cork and rubber center for responsive performance and consistent pop off the bat.
  • Durable split leather cover to withstand extensive batting and fielding drills.
  • Traditional red stitching provides a sure grip for accurate pitches and throws.
  • Comes in a pack of 12 balls, ready to equip every practice session or game.

Step up your coaching game with the MacGregor #87SP Official League Baseball. These balls are designed for youth league play, allowing you to coach your team from pre-season to playoffs with unmatched confidence. The cork and rubber center delivers a responsive performance, helping your players connect lumber to ball with full force. The durable split leather cover ensures that the balls stand up to game after game, making them perfect for batting and fielding drills. The traditional red stitching not only gives it an authentic baseball look but also provides a sure grip for accurate pitches and throws. This pack comes with 12 balls, ensuring you're prepared for every practice session or game.

  • Improve player performance: The consistent pop off the bat helps players locate the sweet spot, enhancing batting skills.
  • Boost practice efficiency: High durability withstands intense practice, ensuring your team can drill as much as they need.
  • Win more games: With improved skills and practice efficiency, your team will be primed for victory.