MacGregor #78 Official Dixie Boys & Majors Baseballs

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Pack: Dozen
  • Approved for youth league and tournament play, perfect for rigorous little league baseball matches
  • Equipped with a cushioned cork center for dependable performance, improving fielding and hitting skills
  • Durable alum-tanned cowhide cover for prolonged usage, can withstand multiple games from preseason to playoffs
  • Features raised red seams for precise control, enhancing throw accuracy of your players
  • Comes as a pack of 12, always ensuring you have a spare ball ready for those intense practice sessions or critical game moments

Step up your coaching game with the MacGregor® #78 Official Dixie Boys & Majors Baseballs. These baseballs are not just built for longevity, but designed with a superior grip, enabling your team to make the most out of every throw, catch, and hit. They are equipped with cushioned cork centers that deliver reliability and a noticeable pop off the bat that players will love. With durable alum-tanned cowhide covers, these baseballs will stand the test of time, powering your team through multiple games, from preseason to the edge-of-your-seat playoffs. These baseballs are perfect for the coaches who only want the best for their young superstars. Elevate your little league coaching to new heights, get your hands on these MacGregor® #78 baseballs now!

  • Equip your team with professional-quality baseballs to gain an edge over competing teams, building confidence and skill in your players
  • Enhanced grip and control due to the raised red seams allows precise throws, providing an upper hand during critical game moments
  • Ensure consistent performance in every game with the cushioned cork center, perfect for teaching precise hitting techniques and winning more games