MacGregor® #76C1 Little League Baseballs

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Pack: Dozen
  • Officially approved by Little League® for trustworthy, high-stakes play
  • Constructed with tanned cowhide leather for unmatched longevity in both games and practice sessions
  • Boosted performance due to cork and rubber center, coupled with select wool windings
  • Raised red stitching ensuring a traditional look and optimum grip for precise pitching
  • 12-pack, the perfect quantity to kickstart your season and keep it going

Coaches, get ready to ramp up your winning strategy with the MacGregor® #76-1 Little League Baseballs. Engineered for success, these balls guarantee a performance that'll have your team hitting home runs all season. Crafted with a robust tanned cowhide leather cover, these balls are built to last through intense games and rigorous practice sessions. With a cork and rubber center backed by select wool windings, these balls ensure responsive performance, perfect for those decisive, game-changing plays. And the raised red seams? They offer a traditional look, but more importantly, they give your pitchers the grip they need to throw with accuracy and control. The 12-pack ensures you're all set to power through the season. Approved by Little League®, your confidence is guaranteed.

  • Your pitchers gain unprecedented control and accuracy due to the raised red seams, boosting their ability to hit their spots, resulting in more strike-outs and fewer walks
  • The cork and rubber center combined with select wool windings ensure a responsive performance, allowing your hitters to connect better and hit farther
  • The durable tanned cowhide leather cover stands up to intense usage, meaning fewer ball replacements and consistency in performance, a crucial aspect for your team's success