MacGregor® #74 Official Babe Ruth Baseballs

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Pack: Dozen
  • Double-cushioned cork center with select wool windings provides an exceptional pop off the bat, driving the ball further into the outfield!
  • High-quality leather cover ensures a great feel throughout the game, letting your players stay in control!
  • Raised red stitching offers a controlled grip, enabling your pitchers to throw accurate fastballs, sliders, and more!
  • Approved for league and tournament play, these balls are perfect for stepping up the intensity at every game!
  • Specifically meets official specifications for use in Babe Ruth League games, guaranteeing your team's competitive edge!

Get ready to dominate the diamond with MacGregor® #74 Official Babe Ruth League Baseballs! Designed for the true competitors, these baseballs come with a double-cushioned cork center and select wool windings, providing a responsive and exciting pop as your batters swing for the fences. A high-quality leather cover ensures a consistent feel throughout the game, allowing your players to stay in command. The raised red stitching ensures your pitchers have a controlled grip to throw those fastballs, sliders, and more with absolute precision. Approved for league and tournament play, these baseballs are just what your team needs to continue their baseball careers. As per official specifications for Babe Ruth League games, this is the competitive advantage you've been looking for!

  • The double-cushioned cork center ensures a powerful pop off the bat, enabling your players to send the ball further, increasing the chances for home runs and extra-base hits!
  • The raised red stitching on the ball provides your pitchers with an excellent grip, allowing them to deliver more accurate and effective pitches, resulting in more strikeouts and less base hits!
  • Being approved for league and tournament play, these baseballs will make your team practice with the same balls used in official games, ensuring consistency in performance and giving you an edge over the competition!