MacGregor #74 Cal Ripken League Baseballs

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Pack: Dozen
  • Propel your sluggers to swing for the fences with cork and rubber pill for maximum pop
  • High-quality leather cover for an exceptional feel in the hands of your fielders
  • Take command with the precision of red stitching, enabling ultimate ball control for your pitchers
  • Inspire your team to greatness with the proud display of the Ripken logo
  • Durable and built to last, approved for league play from preseason to playoffs

These MacGregor® #74 Cal Ripken Baseballs are the game-changers your little league team needs to dominate the field. The fusion of cork and rubber in the core of each baseball gives an unmatched pop, allowing your hitters to knock one out of the park every time. The high-quality leather cover ensures a superior grip, empowering fielders and pitchers with precision control. With the iconic Ripken logo, your team will be inspired to strive for greatness, just like the Hall of Famer himself. This set of 12 baseballs is approved for league play and is built to endure the rigors of an entire season, from the preseason to the playoffs. Lead your team to victory with the power of MacGregor® #74 Cal Ripken Baseballs.

  • Equip your team with the same balls used by champions, giving them a psychological advantage.
  • The superior construction of the baseballs allows for better training, resulting in improved game performance.
  • MacGregor® #74 Cal Ripken Baseballs inspire your team, fostering a winning mentality that propels your team towards triumphs.