MacGregor® #73C Senior Little League Baseballs

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Pack: Dozen
  • Boost player training with the MacGregor® #73C Senior Little League® Baseballs, RS-T stamped for regular season and tournament play.
  • Experience superior pop on contact with the bat, thanks to the cushioned cork core.
  • Raised red stitching allows pitchers to secure a sturdy grip, powering their fastballs and curve balls.
  • Designed for endurance, the top-grain leather cover withstands hard impacts and repeated use throughout the season.
  • Set includes 12 baseballs, perfect for continuous training and gameplay in youth leagues.

The MacGregor® #73C Senior Little League® Baseballs are a coach's best friend. Whether you're gearing up for regular-season games or Little League® tournaments, these balls are designed to level up your team's performance. The cushioned cork center delivers an explosive pop upon contact with the bat's sweet spot, giving your players the thrill of hearing the crack of the bat with every hit. Additionally, the raised red stitching offers your pitchers a firm grip for delivering fastballs and curve balls with precision and power. Crafted with a top-grain leather cover, these baseballs are designed to withstand intense gameplay, promising durability throughout the season. This set includes 12 baseballs, an ideal quantity for uninterrupted training sessions and thrilling matches in youth leagues. The MacGregor® #73C Senior Little League® Baseballs are your ticket to coaching excellence and triumphant wins.

  • Train your athletes to deliver explosive hits with the cushioned cork center, enhancing their batting performance in crucial game situations.
  • Give your pitchers an upper hand with the raised red stitching, improving their ball control and ability to execute complex throws.
  • Ensure your team's gameplay isn't interrupted by wear and tear with the durable top-grain leather cover, facilitating consistent performance and more winning opportunities.