MacGregor #72 Official Dixie Youth Baseballs

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Pack: Dozen
  • Constructed with a robust cork and rubber pill that offers excellent pop off the bat, inspiring confidence in young sluggers.
  • Features an alum-tanned cowhide cover that is specifically designed for durability, withstanding rigorous play all season long.
  • Raised seams provide a controlled grip, helping players achieve accurate throws.
  • Fully approved for Dixie® youth league play, ensuring game-day readiness.
  • Pack includes 12 baseballs, allowing for a steady supply on the diamond and ensuring practice doesn't have to stop.

Step up your team's game with the MacGregor® #72 Official Dixie® Youth Baseballs! Built with a sturdy cork and rubber core, these baseballs provide an exceptional feel off the bat, fostering confidence in your young players. They are covered with alum-tanned cowhide that's able to endure intensive play throughout the season. With raised seams for a more controlled grip, these baseballs are perfect for helping your players fine-tune their throwing accuracy. Fully endorsed for Dixie® youth league play and offered in a pack of 12, these baseballs are designed to keep your team equipped and ready at all times.

  • Improve player performance by offering a baseball that generates consistent pop, helping your players hit farther and with more confidence.
  • Boost your team's fielding skills with the raised seams that promote accurate throws and pitches.
  • Ensure readiness for every game and practice session with a pack of 12, keeping your team prepared and primed for success.