Fred Corral's 'Big 3': Addressing Command, Reading the Delivery and Utilizing Your Best Stuff

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  • Boost the all-around effectiveness of your pitching staff with expert guidance
  • Establish daily throwing routines to build healthy and efficient pitchers
  • Learn to read a pitcher's delivery and improve their mechanics
  • Implement a grading system to enhance communication with your pitchers
  • Utilize visualization techniques to develop mental and physical skills

Featured Coach: Fred Corral, University of Missouri Assistant Coach (Pitching) / Recruiting Coordinator

Video Length: 77 minutes

Year of Production: 2021

Transform your pitching staff into a formidable force with the help of Fred Corral, University of Missouri Assistant Coach and renowned teacher of the art of pitching. In this comprehensive video presentation, Coach Corral provides a blueprint for developing efficient pitchers who can command the strike zone and maintain their health throughout the season.

Discover the importance of daily routines in building healthy pitchers, and learn how to establish a "target rich environment" to develop command. Gain insight into the "Five Phases of Balance," the significance of mid-point balance, and how to read a pitcher's delivery. Enhance communication with your pitchers using a grading system, and harness the power of visualization to improve mental and physical skills.

With over 20 years of experience, Coach Corral's reputation for simplicity and common sense shines through in this video. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your team's performance with expert guidance from one of the best pitching coaches in the game.