"Feed the Cats": A Complete Sprint Training Program

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Format: DVD

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  • Revolutionary "Feed the Cats" sprint training method for maximal results with minimal training
  • 10 Commandments of the program to ensure complete adherence and success
  • Micro-dose training approach for faster athletes without burnout
  • Emphasis on sprint mechanics, max-speed sprinting, and jumping for increased speed
  • Over 30 drills focusing on stiffness, posture, and balance for better stabilization and faster speeds

Featured Coach: Tony Holler, Plainfield North High School (IL) Head Boys Track & Field Coach, 2015 ITCCCA Hall of Fame Inductee, over 35 years of coaching experience at the high school level
Video Length: 134 minutes
Year of Production: 2019

Get ready to revolutionize your sprint coaching with the groundbreaking "Feed the Cats" program! Developed by renowned coach Tony Holler, this method emphasizes minimal training for maximal results, ensuring your athletes stay fresh and injury-free throughout the season. The program comes complete with 10 essential commandments, micro-dose training techniques, and more than 30 drills to enhance speed and performance.

With a strong focus on sprint mechanics, max-speed sprinting, and jumping, the "Feed the Cats" approach will help your athletes achieve top-end speeds and ultimately win more events than ever before. Don't miss out on the opportunity to give your team the competitive edge they need – order your copy of this innovative and powerful DVD today!