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Base Plugs, 3-Pack

Base Plugs, 3-Pack


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Elevate your field maintenance routine with the Big League Base Plugs, the essential tool for safeguarding base anchors during periods of non-use. These plugs are designed with precision to fit snugly within base anchors, ensuring that your field remains in top condition by preventing the intrusion of dirt, grass, water, and other debris. Ideal for use during storage or maintenance times, these base plugs extend the life of your anchors, keeping your baseball or softball field game-ready at all times.

  • Anchor Protection: Designed to fit inside base anchors, effectively blocking out unwanted materials that can damage or fill the anchors.
  • Visibility and Convenience: Features a bright blue feathered top for easy identification and removal, ensuring quick setup when it's time to play.
  • Durable Design: The black base is constructed to fit securely and enhance the longevity of your field's anchors.
  • Multi-Use Pack: Comes with 3 base plugs, allowing for comprehensive protection of multiple anchors simultaneously.
  • Weather Resistant: Built to withstand the elements, ensuring lasting protection against weather-induced wear and tear.


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    The Big League Base Plugs are a game-changer for baseball and softball field maintenance. Whether during off-season storage or routine field care, these plugs serve as a guardian against the common culprits of anchor damage. Their secure fit and weather-resistant design offer peace of mind, knowing that your field anchors are well protected. The highly visible, bright blue feathered top allows for effortless location and retrieval of the plugs, simplifying the transition back to gameplay. Packaged in sets of three, these plugs are an efficient solution for maintaining multiple anchors at once, ensuring that your field remains in pristine condition year-round. Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of Big League Base Plugs, the smart choice for prolonging the life and integrity of your baseball or softball field anchors.


    • Activity: Baseball/Softball
    • Colors: Black base with a bright blue top (colors may vary)
    • Quantity: 3 plugs per set
    • Product Weight: 0.15 lb. each
    • Weather Resistance: Yes

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