BSN Baseball / Softball Hitting Station

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  • Sharpen batting skills with this essential training tool, perfect for hitting practice - off a tee or taking soft tosses.
  • Sturdy galvanized steel frame provides robust support for the netting, resisting the force of practice hits.
  • 1.75 in. mesh net absorbs balls without wearing out or tearing from stress, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Ground sleeves allow for permanent or semi-permanent installation near the field, offering flexibility of use.
  • Covered by a 3-year prorated guarantee on workmanship and materials, a testament to the product's quality and durability.

Unleash the competitive edge of your ball team with the BSN Hitting Station. This indispensable tool will help players dial in their batting skills, focusing on hitting fast line drives and home runs. The station features a galvanized steel frame that provides sturdy support for the 1.75 in. mesh net that absorbs hits and resists wear. The hit balls stay contained by the cable along the bottom of the net, ensuring quick and easy cleanup after practice. Whether you need it for individual players or the entire team, this hitting station can be installed permanently or semi-permanently near the field. Note: Turf mat and concrete not included.

  • Maximize training efficiency: With the Hitting Station, coaches can focus on developing players' batting skills, leading to more line drives and home runs.
  • Minimize downtime: The mesh net and the cable along the bottom keeps balls contained, reducing time spent retrieving balls and increasing actual practice time.
  • Flexible usage: Whether you need it for individual training or team practice, the hitting station can be installed permanently or semi-permanently, adapting to your coaching needs.