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1000 Yard Range Megaphone w/ Handheld Microphone

1000 Yard Range Megaphone w/ Handheld Microphone


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Elevate your training sessions and command the field with the BSN Sports 1000 Yard Megaphone with Handheld Mic. Designed for the dynamic and diverse world of sports coaching and physical education, this powerful tool ensures your voice is heard loud and clear, leaving no room for misunderstandings or missed instructions. With its impressive range and robust design, it's the ultimate ally for any coaching staff committed to excellence.

  • Unmatched Range: Projects your voice up to 1000 yards, covering the span of three football fields to ensure every command is received.
  • Handheld Mic: Comes with a handheld microphone for crystal-clear communication, allowing for precise and effective instructions.
  • Volume Control: 10 watts of power with adjustable volume, providing the flexibility to tailor your projection for any situation.
  • Durable Build: Constructed from high-impact PVC, ready to withstand the challenges of any sport or outdoor event.
  • Battery Operated: Powered by 6 C-size batteries (not included), offering the convenience of portability and extended use.
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    The BSN Sports 1000 Yard Megaphone with Handheld Mic is the coaching tool you've been waiting for. Whether it's rallying your team across vast training grounds or ensuring your voice cuts through the chaos of an energetic PE class, this megaphone has got you covered. Its commanding 1000-yard range and handheld mic offer unparalleled clarity and reach, making it effortless to maintain control and focus during any activity. The device's 10 watts of power and precise volume control allow for adjustments on the fly, catering to the acoustic needs of any environment. Built to last, its high-impact PVC construction guarantees durability through season after season. Conveniently powered by 6 C-size batteries, this megaphone is as portable as it is powerful, ready to support your coaching wherever it takes you.


    • Range: 1000 yards
    • Power: 10 watts
    • Construction: High-impact PVC
    • Features: Handheld microphone, adjustable volume control
    • Battery Requirements: 6 C-size (not included)


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    About BSN Sports

    Starting with our founder selling tennis nets out of the trunk of his car, BSN SPORTS has built a company around one core principle – SERVICE. There is nothing more important to us, and nothing that sets us apart more, than the maniacal focus we have on serving you: School Administrators, Athletic Directors and Coaches who impact more lives in a year than most people do in a lifetime.