Tachikara® SV-5W Gold Volleyball

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  • Enhanced with DBC® (Dual Bladder Construction) technology - increases ball flight and in-air consistency, boosting player confidence on every hit
  • Premium leather cover designed for high-impact play - allows athletes to exert maximum power without worrying about wear and tear
  • Large die-cut panel - provides an extended hitting surface for precise control when spiking, serving, or bumping
  • Thoughtfully engineered to reduce stress on finger joints - promotes powerful shots and reduces the risk of injuries
  • NFHS-approved and suitable for high school games - meet the standards of official play with this top-notch volleyball

Unleash your team's potential with the Tachikara® SV-5W Gold Official-Size Volleyball. Crafted with the athlete in mind, this volleyball features a Dual Bladder Construction (DBC®) that ensures consistent ball flight, boosting players' confidence with every hit. The premium leather cover is resilient, allowing players to unleash their full power time and time again without any signs of wear. With the large die-cut panel, athletes have a larger hitting surface, ensuring accuracy whether they're spiking, serving, or bumping. But it doesn't stop there; this volleyball is also designed to minimize stress on finger joints, promoting powerful shots while preventing injuries. Plus, it's NFHS-approved, making it suitable for high school games. Experience the perfect combination of performance and durability with the Tachikara® SV-5W Gold Official-Size Volleyball.

  • Improved Ball Flight: The DBC® technology ensures that every hit flies true, giving your players the edge they need to win those crucial points.
  • Less Stress on Fingers: Our volleyball is designed to protect your players' hands, allowing them to maintain power shots throughout the game without the risk of injury.
  • Greater Control: The large die-cut panel provides a larger hitting surface, helping your players make precise shots and win crucial points.