Tourna Pickleball Lead Tape

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  • Adhesive-backed Pickleball Lead Tape for easy application
  • Enhances paddle stability for accurate, powerful shots
  • Adjustable weight for optimized performance
  • 1/4 inch cut ideal for Pickleball paddle use
  • Experience improved paddle control and precision

Get an edge on the competition with Tourna Pickleball Lead Tape. This top-quality lead tape gives you the power and control you crave on the court. With its adhesive back, it's easy to apply and can be cut to your desired amount for optimized performance. This tape, specifically designed for Pickleball, offers a 1/4 inch cut that's perfect for paddle use. Gain better stability, power, and precision in your game with Tourna Pickleball Lead Tape.

  • Maximize your power: By adding weight to your paddle, you can increase your power and dominate your opponents.
  • Enhance precision: Greater stability gives you enhanced control for precision shots that will leave the competition behind.
  • Customizable performance: Cut the tape to your desired amount to perfectly balance your paddle and optimize your game.