Wilson NCAA Legend Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

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Size: Official Size 7 (29.5")
Official Size 7 (29.5")
Intermediate Size 6 (28.5")
  • Available in 29.5" and 28.5" sizes catering to all age groups and skill levels
  • Innovative grip with deeper rubber channels for unparalleled control, crisp passes, and smooth shots
  • Soft-touch composite leather cover for that signature quality feel
  • Premium core construction for consistent rebound and a soft feel, game after game
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, featuring a durable Pressure Lock bladder

Unleash your inner legend with the NCAA Legend Basketball. This innovative, high-performance basketball is designed to help competitive coaches and their athletes rule the court. Its unique, deeper channel construction gives you superior grip for tighter handles, while the soft-touch composite leather cover ensures a quality feel that flows right off your fingertips. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, this versatile ball offers season-long durability with its premium core construction and Pressure Lock bladder. Choose from two sizes tailored to all age groups and skill levels, and unlock the power to win!

  • Enhances shooting range: The ball's interior cushion layer provides a softer feel, encouraging shooters to expand their range beyond the arc
  • Improves ball control: Its deeper rubber channels improve grip, facilitating tighter handles, accurate passes, and smooth shots
  • Boosts consistency: The premium core construction ensures consistent rebound and a soft feel every game, improving player performance