Voit Tuff Coated Foam Footballs

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Size: Junior 9 3/4"
Junior 9 3/4"
Mini 8 1/2"
Pack: Single
Set of 6
Color: Green
  • Constructed from soft, lightweight foam to foster confidence in young players and beginners.
  • Heavy-duty Tuff coating for durability and authentic football action.
  • Integrated laces for easy gripping and superior ball control.
  • Available in two convenient sizes - 9.75 in. junior and 8.5 in. mini.
  • Can be purchased individually or in a vibrant six-piece prism pack.

Unleash the potential of your young athletes with the Voit® Tuff Coated Foam Football. Perfectly designed for football and PE, this ball helps beginners learn the sport in the safest way possible. The soft, lightweight foam construction reduces the fear of injury while instilling confidence. Despite its lightness, it's heavy enough to ensure a thrilling game of football. The integrated laces enhance grip and control, making every throw and catch a breeze. Choose from the 9.75 in. junior or 8.5 in. mini sizes based on your needs. Looking to add some color to your coaching sessions? Opt for the six-piece prism pack, featuring balls in blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow. Remember, it's not just a ball; it's the key to molding the champions of tomorrow.

  • The Voit® Tuff Coated Foam Football's safety-first design allows coaches to focus on training, not injuries.
  • The integrated laces improve ball handling skills, enhancing player performance and team scoring opportunities.
  • The durability of the Tuff coating ensures countless hours of practice and gameplay, providing excellent value for money and reducing the need for frequent replacements.